Information for All Non-Pinellas County School Teachers

Sample of Daily Schedule

20 – 25 minutes Citizen Welcome / Orientation
35 minutes Shop Set-up
30 minutes Employee Work/Break Rotations
10 minutes Uninterrupted Business Meeting
60 minutes Employee Work/Break Rotations
10 minutes Uninterrupted Business Meeting
75 minutes Employee Work/Lunch Rotations
5 minutes Business Clean Up
20 minutes Town Meeting


Teacher Resources
Career Survey (PDF)
Job Application (PDF)
Check It Out Poster (PDF)
2018-2019 Staffing Model (PDF)
Pre/Post Test (PDF)

ELA (English Language Arts) Resources

Week-At-A-Glance (PDF)
Glossary (PDF)
Text Dependent Questions (TDQ)
One Hen (PDF)
Frindle (PDF)
Alexander Who Use To Be Rich (PDF)
Striker Jones (PDF)
Lawn Boy (PDF)
Show Me the Money (PDF)

Math Resources
Economic Math Essentials (Powerpoint)
Math Essentials Student Labels (PDF)
Math Essentials Teacher Guide (PDF)
Math Activity Guide Answer Key (PDF)
Teacher Resource Sheets (PDF)
Blank Checks (PDF)
Blank Check Register (PDF)
Blank Deposit Tickets (PDF)
Blank Receipt (PDF)

Additional Resources
Citizen Me - Part One (Powerpoint)
Citizen Me - Part Two (Powerpoint)
Career Skills Development Guide (PDF)
College Kids Give Themselves an ‘A’ for Job Readiness (PDF)
Citizen Me Text (PDF)
Ryan's Well (PDF)
The Market Economy (PDF)

Video Resources
Enterprise Village Introduction  (WMV)
Financial Officer Training  (WMV)
Cash Register 1st Training (MP4)
Cashier Register 2nd Training (MP4)

Helpful Links

Listed are links to websites that you may find useful when teaching the curriculum.
Hands on Banking
Federal Reserve - Education


For bus information, please visit the Non-PSCB Transportation page. You may also submit a Transportation Request.