Goals of Finance Park

The Finance Park curriculum is designed as a six week integrated unit to be taught to eighth grade social studies students.  At the culmination of this unit, students will visit Finance Park to consider the options available to them in planning a successful personal budget.  During this visit, the students will have the opportunity to use these learned experiences by committing to a personally developed budget.

To accommodate the student simulation, the facility is divided into separate areas.  Each area deals with different aspect of personal financial responsibility.  After determining their actual net monthly income, students will visit each of the areas where they will spend time:

  • Determining what expenditure will be best suited for their salary level.
  • “Paying their bills” to carry out the appropriate decided upon transactions.

The on-site activities are designed to allow students the opportunity to “put into action” what they learned in the classroom and understand the necessity of and basic steps in putting together a realistic budget.  It is anticipated that these experiences will help the student be better prepared for their future and assist in creating educated consumers and financially responsible adults. 

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