Information for Non-Pinellas County School System Teachers

Sample of Daily Schedule

10 minutes
The Truth Revealed
45 minutes
The Big Search
45 minutes
The Budget Puzzle 
60 minutes
The Final Commitment
90 minutes includes lunch rotations
The Closing
15 minutes

Additional Resources

For ESE teachers, the PDF resources available here can help with Unit 4.  They are also helpful if regular education teachers need extra materials or to condense Unit 4.


FP Glossary (PDF)
FP Home Improvement (PDF)
FP Entertainment (PDF)
FP Food (PDF)
FP Stocks (PDF)
FP Opportunity Challenge Cards (PDF)
FP Life Situation Cards (PDF)
FP Housing (PDF)
FP Transportation (PDF)


Web Resources

The following websites can be used for extensions and additional learning opportunities while completing the Finance Park curriculum.


For bus information, please visit the Non-PSCB Transportation page. You may also submit a Transportation Request.