Finance Park Teacher Training

Teacher training is provided at The Stavros Institute for Finance Park. The teacher trainings are for all teachers (PCSB teachers and Non-PCSB teachers) new to the curriculum as well as for those wanting a refresher course. Each 3 hour class is held after school hours throughout the year. Pinellas County public school teachers will receive 3 component points per class. 

Each training will include a site tour as well as an overview of the following:

  • Program
  • Curriculum
  • Teaching materials 
  • Teacher Resource Guide 
  • Timeline
  • Teaching strategies
  • Program communication

2018–2019 Training Session

PCSB teachers must register on the Professional Learning Network

Non-PCSB teachers please email if you wish to attend.

02/07/19     4:30 - 7:30 p.m.   Stavros Institute