Finance Park

Program Detail

Finance Park allows for a reality based, hands-on simulation for students that enables them to build foundations for making intelligent lifelong personal finance decisions. It also enables them to develop a realistic understanding of the economic issues they must deal with upon graduation from high school and in the development of a budget.

At the culmination of a six week, integrated unit in school classrooms, students visit Finance Park to study the different financial decisions to be made, consider the options available to them and actually construct a personal budget. To facilitate the simulation, Finance Park focuses on decisions about transportation, investment, home improvement, banking, housing, entertainment, health care, utilities, food, home furnishings, clothing and education.

The finance park program assist students by allowing them to:

  • Develop basic personal finance concepts
  • Utilize quality concepts to plan personal finances
  • Understand the advantages of saving and investing
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages to using credit
  • Allocate time wisely and follow a time schedule
  • Work within a group structure to acquire, evaluate, organize and maintain information

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